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Product, Quality, Innovation and Excellence. We know that you depend on our products because we depend on them too. Our passion for the sports we serve and our expertise in boot making is the winning combina­tion to design and building world class shoes. We think making the best possible products that if we work with our hearts and minds the only result can be excel­lence.

We believe doing our best work is a balance of art and science and that a truly outstanding product comes from the heart and mind. Our mentality is that a product design is truly ready, not when we have added everything possible, but when there is nothing more that can be taken away.

our commitment


SCARPA's pioneering spirit has continued through decades with innovation always being at the core of what we do.

From the mountains to the city SCARPA has a shoe perfect for your next adventure. 

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SCARPA products are handcrafted by SCARPA employees with care and precision. Our products are made in SCARPA owned and operated factories.

From the beginning SCARPA has been immersed in the tradition of  unparalleled craftmanship.


SCARPA is not only creating more planet friendly products but using renewable energy to make them.

100% of SCARPA's headquarters and manufacturing in Italy is powered by green energy. 

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To learn more about how SCARPA is focusing on sustainability in our facilities, through our work force, and within our products visit our sustainability page on   

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