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We believe strongly in our responsibility to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner, and our journey of continuous improvement is well under way. While we may never achieve perfection in these areas, but we are committed to pushing ourselves to do better, every day, every season, every year. We invite you to follow along and support us as we travel down this path of continuous improvement.

We are currently working towards be­coming a Certified Benefit Corporation by the end of 2021. We are also trying to share more details about the planet friendly elements in our products. Look for the green text which highlights planet friendly choices in product components and materials, like making many of our ski boots from Castor bean oil vs. petroleum, first done in 2009.

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SCARPA is committed to become a Benefit Corporation by the end of 2021

A Certified B Corporation means a company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Click here to learn more:

our commitment


A sustainable approach, which has always been a part of SCARPA's history, is now a manifesto for the company.

Learn More About the Green Manifesto HERE


SCARPA is committed to continuously increasing our Planet Friendly Product collection.  All planet friendly products are highlighted in green.

*Planet friendly components in products are highlighted in green on this site*

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To learn more about how SCARPA is focusing on sustainability in our facilities, through our work force, and within our products visit our sustainability page on   

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